The ritual of welcoming a child into the world is a beautiful and sacred one.  Many people that I meet these days are "spiritual, not religious" and want to create a joyful welcoming / naming ceremony without the formality of a big white church and liturgy. My husband and I dipped our son in the White River in Vermont, surrounded by family on a sun-soaked beach. It was unforgettable!

To raise a child in present day North America where there are so many distractions from the spiritual life and practices that connect us and bring us joy, it truly takes a village, a community of support. I always include an affirmation of support from the guests who are gathered. This is a wonderful way to strengthen the bonds in a community of any kind.

To create a meaningful welcoming (and if you like, a Naming Ceremony) I will meet with your family and new baby (my favorite part!) and help you imagine and structure a ritual that is perfect for you. This might include welcoming the godparents, blessing the parents, grandparents and child, using the four elements as a blessing ritual, offering a poem, song or spiritual text that's meaningful for you.


Me and baby Cosette at her blessing ceremony

What a sweetheart!

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