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I am one of the faceless many to whom you spoke at the NASWVA conference. I’d approached the conference, virtual as it was, with a low level of enthusiasm.  Your presentation, though, "rocked my world!” Your talk hit home substantively, while your style was pleasantly personal and unpretentious.  I feel heartened to be armed with such powerful, if fundamental, information.  Thank you! - Gordon H. 


Thank you again for being apart of our virtual conference this year, both your programs were very successful and our attendees only had high remarks and compliments. You were a huge hit and one of our rock stars!  -Debra Riggs, Executive Director, NASW, Virginia Chapter


Do you need a completely refreshing and novel insight into your life and Spirit? Then Katherine Gray-Silvan is the woman you must see! We all yearn for spiritual healing and a fresh perspective on our psyche. Katherine combines intuition, compassion, knowledge, and experience and uses a wide variety of modalities to get to the heart of where your life and spirit is yearning for more. She offered me a perspective that cannot be found on my own or even in books or psychotherapy. Together we were able to think outside the box and find the road less travelled to healing. I knew right away that I had to see her and I was offered more than I thought even possible. I came away with concrete practices and ideas that I can apply to my everyday life. I went for my soul and I received.    -Luke M.

I attended your presentation at Rockford University yesterday.  It was wonderful!  Thank you so much for this uplifting session and for daring to tell your own story of what led you to making changes in your life.  You certainly are gifted in the art of conversation and in conveying such a valuable message in a way that it appeals to any age.  If you could make the students relate & laugh, yet convince the older gentleman in the front row to stand and swing his arms in a heart shape while repeating a positive affirmation, I think you are definitely reaching your audience.  You did a remarkable job in the short time you had.  This message is one that could easily encompass several hours...I can't believe how fast an hour went by. Thank you again for coming to Rockford!   - Deb D.

Four years ago Katherine married us and we thought who better to bless our first child, but her. We were able to bless our daughter in our own home surrounded by the people closest to us and incorporate all of the important spiritual and traditional elements that are important to us into the ceremony. It was so beautiful three days later and Katherines words are still swirling around my head every time I look at my daughter. From blessing my family and the godparents we choose to the beautiful poem she read about parents and their children Katherine and her ceremony were a complete hit. We look forward to calling her again when we have another child, she is the absolute best.   - Vanessa D.

I had an amazing healing session today with Katherine Gray Silvan! A beautiful combination of acupressure, Reiki, meditative moments along with Katherine's detailed intuitive messages post session. Wow! I definitely released a lot of past life blockages. Thank you, thank you, thank you Katherine!   - Dinah R.

I often think of you and what you do. It's incredibly powerful work and I hope you know how massive your impact was on our family. Your love and support was something that will stay with me forever. Your humanity and soul are so true and was a huge factor in my acceptance of the whole process of life.  - Janet R.

Dear Katherine, thank you for delivering such a beautiful service for our dad and family. Your delivery is so calming and reassuring. Your homily "got" our dad! By combining all our memories, you created an incredibly beautiful image of our dad for me. He was proud of his accomplishments but he wanted to be remembered by those "little" things which you wove into your homily so well. Just beautiful all around. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  - Gwynne T.

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