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Know the law of your land

  • the "holy grail" of all worldly knowledge

  • what the power brokers DON'T want you know

  • the knowledge that grows you up

  • the key that sets i, free

What is Law?

even the lawyers don't know this!

the law common to i:

the laws which i, set for myself and my life

that do no harm

and which i, can express freely in the private or the public 

that enable me to embody the power, joy and freedom

that i am

and that i, was intended to live 

LEARN the most powerful LAW

of the land

Knowing Law - Living Free

Law common to i class

with John Little  & Katherine Gray Silvan

Sign up for the 6 week class 


  • how to remove all controversy from your life, including legal issues & unlawful interference from corpse-porations & government agencies

  • how to write a notice and set up a claim that instantly establishes YOUR jurisdiction ABOVE the legal system (where it has always belonged)

  • how to express your law in all situations including dealings with the legal system, educators, landlords, bureaucrats and harassment of any kind

  • how to establish and conduct your own court without lawyers or prosecutors and with a magistrate or jury of your peers to bring law back to our lands

  • how to re-establish what’s true and what rights you truly have apart from the lies we have been taught about who we are, what liberties we have and what’s possible - and ultimately the freedom we are all born to live and celebrate. 



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suggested donation ~ $1,000 USD

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