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Bloom Time

Looking out at the row of flowers that I planted from seed just weeks ago, a deep feeling of satisfaction comes, though I had no idea what seeds would actually sprout and grow to bloom. It reminds me that the results of our actions (which seeds grow) are not up to us. We do the careful work of preparing the soil, sowing the tiny seeds, keeping them watered. But we have no idea how the changing wind and light will foster or dissolve what we attempt to create.

Why do we plant? Why do we do all of this earthly work? ... For the sake of love. For the satisfaction of giving thanks for being alive in a body-mind that has the power to generate positivity and beauty on this earth. Need there be any other impetus? What comes from our hard work is secondary to the joy of being, the joy of creating and planting.

It bears mentioning, as a reminder to myself, that none of us have control over what comes to us in life. Challenges and blessings arise like these vibrant, proud flowers, in their own way and own time. When we get to see the bloom time of our actions whatever that may be, it is "prasad" a gift from God, even if we didn't get exactly what we wanted - or not at all what we wanted. The spiritual work is to give thanks for everything that comes -or doesn't - and to live in trust that Supreme Love gives us - always - what we need.

May today I be reminded to plant seeds of love and prosperity. And may I accept whatever results come my way with a grateful heart and equanimous mind.

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