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Start at the end! ...what?

The other day a client said to me, "I have to figure this out!" Is that really true? Or even possible? We can get stuck in the mire with figuring everything out and where does that land us? Blicchhh! Rather than get your mind all entangled with the hows, whats and whys of life, start at the end. What?? What is the result you're going for? The outcome of all your effort leads...where? Start THERE.

Before planting seeds you need to know what it is you wish to grow. Whether it's a partnership, job, home, bank account: imagine how it feels in your body to have attained it. How does it appear as experience? SEE IT.

And if you're on the fast track to FREEDOM? Start there! We ALL want peace, freedom and joy! Lets step on the path to peace and let life do what it does. When we've established peace and joy and freedom within, all the hows, whys and whats don't matter all that much.

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